Italian coffee from Trieste the city of coffee

Have you ever tasted the italian coffee blends
selected and roasted in Trieste, the city of coffee?

Torrefazione Caffè San Giusto, historical italian artisanal roasting company since 1949, ships products to everywhere in Europe, even in small quantities for coffee lovers. In this way it is possible to taste the excellent Italian coffee, which comes directly from the roasting company in Trieste, thanks to a special price of the "tasting" package that includes shipping costs. Find out on this page how you can order our coffee.


A few words about us
San Giusto Caffe’s blends are the result of a combination of unique and unrepeatable factors: experience and historicity of the company, 100% made in Italy, Trieste’s tradition, modern design and freshness of the products.



We are one of the first coffee companies that was born in a very special city, internationally recognized as the world capital of coffee. The port of Trieste is one of the most important in the coffee world, a city that has a tradition of more than 300 years in the coffee trade and a center of excellence and specialization in the sector.

San Giusto Caffe has almost seventy years of experience, creativity, courage and innovation in choosing the best coffees from around the world and in the preparation of blends, to create combinations of excellence and absolute harmony. Our purchase preference is not directed only to green coffees of excellent origin, but within this small circle we opted for the top-of-the-range qualities, more expensive, valuable and sought after.

Our strong link with Trieste, the city of coffee, is represented by the name, San Giusto, the saint patron of these lands.





We do the "medium" roast, made in small portions, differentiated quality by quality, studied and calibrated for each origin, with the traditional drum system, slowly and artisanal, with subsequent air cooling: all this to obtain the maximum expression of aromas and flavors in a cup and the correct assimilation by our body. The whole process takes place here in Trieste, in our roasting company. Since the arrival of green coffee directly at the port of our city, all phases, including packaging, take place at our factory. The master roaster's authentic, hands-on art of bean cooking is combined with a computerized system to create an accurate and consistent roast bean profile.


Live the 360-degree San Giusto experience.
Try our 3 coffee blends in beans, roasted on selected here in Trieste, the coffee capital. Discover the differences in smells and taste.
Rosso, bar or blu? Which blend will be the best for you?


Sweet, delicate and extraordinarily aromatic. A blend of the highest quality Arabica coffee from Brazil, Central America and Ethiopia. Light body, fruity and floral notes, with a marked acidity. It is a blend with low caffeine content, characteristic of Arabica coffees. Ideal at any time of the day for a true connoisseur tasting.

Excellent body and creaminess. A perfect combination of taste. Incredibly full, balanced, dense and aromatic: selected quality blend Arabica and Robusta for an aromatic cup with a chocolate flavor. Balanced mix, rich in flavors and aromas, consistent and velvety cream.

Strong and intense. It is a blend of selected quality Robusta and Arabica for a strong and exceptionally creamy cup. In espresso the crema is dark and persistent. It is perfect for those who love determined and spicy tastes, with notes of cocoa and chocolate. The ideal coffee for the morning, thanks to its higher caffeine content.




You cannot find our products in supermarkets, but you can buy them directly from us, we are the producers.
Buy coffee directly from the roasting company.

We have thought of a special offer price for coffee lovers living in these countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • France
  • Spain
  • Holland
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Bulgaria


The 3 bags of 1 kg of premium Italian coffee

  • 1 kg roasted coffee blend in beans San Giusto Caffe Rosso
  • 1 kg roasted coffee blend in beans San Giusto Caffe Bar
  • 1 kg roasted coffee blend in beans San Giusto Caffe Blu


€55,00 including shipping costs

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Delivery time: 4-5 working days


Start your journey now, to discover the best coffees in Trieste, the city of coffee.

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